Mixed Species Plantation

Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency at the Wisecarver Farm - Open-pollinated families of white oak, persimmon, swamp white oak, black cherry, and hackberry were collected from east Tennessee in the 1999 autumn. The acorns were planted at the Georgia Forestry Commission's Flint River Nursery and grown under protocols developed by Dr. Paul P. Kormanik (USDA Forest Service, retired). The 1-0 (one year old) seedlings were lifted in February, 2003 and transported to Knoxville for evaluation. Height, root collar diameter, and number of first-order lateral roots were measured, and each seedling was given an individual identification tag. The seedlings were planted at the Wisecarver Farm near White Pine, Tennessee in March 2001. The site was dominated with a thin-soiled knoll with shale underneath. As elevation of the knoll decreased, the soil becomes deeper and more suitable for species such as black cherry. A portion of the site borders a man-made pond and has relatively deep, wet soils. Survival and growth have been periodically evaluated since establishment. In 2004, the plantation suffered serious damage from cicada attack that retarded growth and vigor.